How can Newsmonkey create an engaging online dialogue between brands and customers with viral video marketing?

Discover the genius idea of Sofie Huyskens

00_nm_logoNewsmonkey was born from the idea that there is a gap in the market for a lifestyle brand that serves generation Y. No one prior to them was serving those digital natives, who grew up in an online era where news and entertainment online is freely available. With a team that is as young and digitally native as their audience, combined with technology, Newsmonkey has a sharp understanding on what binds the new generations, captures their attention, and leads them to share content via social media.

Marketing Genius is a creative contest that encourages young marketing professionals to voice up their creative ideas. This year five brands put young professionals’ brains to the challenge with a burning marketing challenge and called out the help of young marketers for some creative solutions. A jury from The House of Marketing evaluated the genius solutions submitted by all participants and nominated 5 finalists. These young marketers are now battling out against each other for the title of Marketing Genius 2017. This final round comprizes an online voting contest between April 7th and April 21st and an oral presentation of their idea in front of a jury and audience of marketing experts on April 24th. The combined amounts of votes collected throughout these two last steps will define who the winner is. May the best one win!
Please note that the ideas presented by the finalists are based on a personal interpretation of the brand’s challenge and reality. Upon further evaluation, the partners will decide if these ideas could result into further development and implementation.

SofieNewsmonkey Finalist

Sofie Huyskens

Community Manager

28 years old

“The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.” (Steve Jobs) & “Better late than never!”

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