The Challenge

Want to become Marketing Genius 2017?


Write your genius opinion


First step! Pick the topic that spikes your interest the most. Be quick – first come, first served!

Your genius opinion may be a PDF (max. 3 pages), a PowerPoint presentation (10 – 15 slides), a movie, an infograph or anything you like, just remember that the judges will only spend 5- 10 minutes to read or listen to what you have to say. So make sure to be clear and creative!

The jury will rate the paper on 4 criteria’s:

– content & knowledge on the subject

– creativity of the solution

– your ability to construct a logical argument

– “easy to digest” (layout, design, wording…)

Do you have questions or do you want a sounding board to test your ideas?

There is one mentor per topic who is entirely at your service.


Make some noise!

Smiling young woman with laptop sitting in cafe, with copy space

6 finalists (one per topic) will be selected by our jury.

This is your time to gather as much online votes as possible. During a period of two weeks you will be able to boost your chance to become Marketing Genius 2017!

The online votes will count for 1/3 of your total score.

In the meantime, our marketing experts will coach you and the other finalists for the final event.


The big final!


The 6 finalists will present their case at an exclusive event on April 24th.

At this final event, we will select and announce the Marketing Genius 2017 based on 3 different votes:

– The online votes
– The votes of our jury
– The votes of the public at the finalist event

The finalists as well as the Marketing Genius will be showered with great prizes!


The cherry on the cake


The Marketing Genius 2017 will get a chance to present during the Vlerick Marketing Colloquium on May 11th 2017 in front of the Belgian marketing community! 

Do you have some stage fright, no worries. The House of Marketing is offering you a presentation skills bootcamp to prep you for this wonderful opportunity!